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We want to ackowledge and share some of our inspiring success stories from some of our current and past students. Here's what they are up to now!


Matthew Curtis

Matthew will be playing the role of 'Gavroche' in AMICI's professional production of 'Les Miserables'. This will be performed in New Zealand's prestigious CIVIC Theatre.

Matthew is a KSDA jazz, tap and ballet dancer who also has a strong passion for singing and acting. Matthew has performed for various theatre organisations in Auckland and continues to WOW! us with his exceptional vocal talents. 

Congratulations Matthew on landing a professional theatre gig- We are so proud of you!


Tiahli Martyn

Tiahli is now in the U.K studying at Morea Performing Arts. She is currently in her 2nd year studying dance full-time as well as studying vocals and drama at the school. Before leaving to pursue her dream, Tiahli completed her Tap and Jazz Associate diploma for

I.S.T.D and was a seasonal performer in the KSDA shows growing up.

In her 2nd year at Morea Performing Arts, Tiahli was able to land

her first professional gig as a dancer in Aladdin: The Patomime.

As KSDA Tiahli is well known for her stunning choreography and

her energy, life and passion on the stage whether she is in

rehearsal or performing to a live audience.

We are so pleased with all that you are achieving Tiahli and wish 

you the best of luck in your training and many great experiences

ahead in the industry.


Jarrod Brown & Jack Barnard


Jarrod Brown and Jack Barnard; The dynamic duo that have been students and teachers at Selwyn College and KSDA. With a strong influence in the performing arts community, these two performers have opened up their own theatre company "BRAVI Theatre"

In 2018, Bravi put on their first Musical as a company; The Color Purple. With a huge set, a cast of 17 with a HUGE sound, their season of this show was unforgettable and certainly left the mark on the musical theatre community. 

Both Jarrod and Jack have been seasonal performers with KSDA, SCAT and are also tutors for the Selwyn College Junior Performing arts programme (Jack- Vocals, Jarrod- dance). Both coming through the Selwyn College performing arts , their passion to succeed and inspire is influential and are looked up to by many of our young performers here at KSDA.


Ryselle Dolon


Ryselle is one of the original KSDA senior dancers who has just completed her Advance 2 Modern exam for the I.S.T.D Syllabus. She is also a singer, actress and a seasonal performer in the KSDA dance shows as well as performing in various musical theatre productions over the last 10 years.

Ryselle landed the hilarious role "Squeak" in Bravi

Theatre's "The Color Purple" in 2018. She fought for her

role, snatched it up, and played a fantastic rendition of

this character. She was part of the ensemble which

helped to make Bravi's mark on the theatre scene. 

Manon Blackman

Manon danced with KSDA as a child right through to her adult years. KSDA has become a bit of a family affair with Manon being a major influence on her three siblings Margot, Ted and George, who are now all dancing at KSDA following in her footsteps.  


Manon is a strong triple threat who has made her mark on the entertainment industry in New Zealand. She started off dancing (tap, jazz, ballet), singing and acting in musicals growing up and has also made a name for herself on television! 

Manon is best known for her roles in the T.V series "Nothing Trivial" playing the character "Celeste Duvall" and for her role as "Lindsay" in the hit T.V series "800 words. Manon has recently been in a T.V Movie called "Mistress Mercy" where she played one of the leading roles "Renee Chignell".

We wish you the best of luck in the continuation of your success Manon. 


Leo van Druten

Leo has been dancing with KSDA for 2.5 years now. He takes Open boys Ballet and Tap. Not only is Leo an excellent dancer but he is multi-talented through his acting and singing abilities. 

Leo had the opportunity to work as a leading role in the

musical "Ragtime" in 2019. He had the experience of working

alongside professional and semi-professional performers and

held up his part incredibly well among the cast. Leo has been a

featured dancer in the Selwyn College Musicals

"Dusty- The Musical", "Hair" and is now taking on the lead

role as "Nick" from the hit musical "FAME" showing in 2020.

We are very proud of you Leo and look forward to seeing you

work magic on stage and become better at your craft.

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