Ballet, Jazz and Tap uniforms are to be ordered and purchased through the studio.

All Students are expected to have their hair nicely groomed for class and no watches
or jewellery is to be worn in class. In the colder months, tight fitting long sleeved tops
or ballet crossovers are acceptable but definitely no sloppy, baggy sweatshirts and

Preschool Poppet’s Dance
Student’s may wear own choice of dance attire – as long as it is tight fitting and
appropriate to dance in. Pink Ballet shoes are optional, but do make dancing on the
floor easier on their feet. (Farmers have cute little pink leotards with a chiffon skirt
attached, which is a nice option)

Ballet Students (Pre-Primary to Grade 3)
Girls: Cornflower Blue leotard, Chiffon skirt and sparkly blue hair tie. Pink Ballet shoes
and pink ankle socks or ballet tights. (Farmers have stockings suitable for Ballet),

Grade 2 and above will have satin ribbons on their ballet shoes.
Boys: White Short sleeved Leotard, Black bike pants or Black ankle length leggings,
Black Ballet shoes with white socks.

Ballet Students (Grade 4 and above)
Black Ballet Leotard, Chiffon skirt, Pink Ballet shoes with ribbons and Ballet tights.

Dancing Stars Students (5 years old)
Cornflower Blue leotard and matching Chiffon skirt, Pink Ballet shoes and pink ankle
socks or ballet convertible tights. (Farmers have stockings suitable for Ballet – please
make sure they are the convertible type) and Plain Black bike pants for summer or
Plain Black leggings for winter.

Jazz and Tap Students (Beginners – Grade 3)
Choice of Studio Leotard in following colours: Turquoise / Purple / or Pink with Black
matching hot pants.

Boys: Black Shorts with Grey Studio Singlet Top

Jazz and Tap Students (Grade 4 and above)
Girls: Studio Racer back singlet top with Black Hot pants, Black leggings or Black
bootleg pants. A Studio Leotard will be required for those sitting examinations.

Boys: Black Shorts with Grey Studio Singlet Top

Contemporary Students; Hip Hop Students
Tight fitting active wear tops or leotards and leggings with bare feet. Jazz Shoes or
dance sneakers may be needed for class and performances.

KSDA Seniors

Senior Girls - Black Unitard of choice - See Kim for details

Senior Boys - Grey / White/ Black singlet and black shorts

These uniforms are to be worn for tap, jazz and ballet